Monday, October 24, 2011

Justin Bieber's Bird Tattoo!

 Thought, I Thought I Saw Justin Bieber's Bird Tattoo! I did, I did!
Justin Bieber's bird tattoo
Justin Bieber's bird tattoo
OMG! Justin Bieber has a tattoo on his 16 years old body! No, it's not one girl's name (Thanks God for that, or else the criminal rate would raise instantly). The Canadian singer recently showed his coin-sized tattoo of a bird in flight inked on his left hip.
A few weeks ago, the teen idol was photographer in Sydney with what looked like a small bird tattoo on his hip. It looks like Bieber really did visit the Son of a Gun Tattoo Parlor in Toronto, Canada.
According to the, the bird tattoo is a Bieber family tradition.