Monday, October 24, 2011

Justin Bieber Is Not Gay! He Just Kisses 'Rude Boy' Singer Rihanna!

Justin Bieber kissing Rihanna

Justin Bieber kissing Rihanna
Here's an example of how words sell! After Justin Bieber kissed Rihanna on her cheek last year, someone came up with the idea of writing that Justin kissed a boy, referring to Rihanna's song 'Rude Boy'.

Now if you look on the Internet you see all kind of news about the Canadian singer's sexuality. We don't say anything about it, because we don't know anything sure about it yet, but to speculate words like that is just "rude". Once again, the "boy" that Justin kissed was not a boy at all, because Rihanna seems pretty feminine to us.
More than that, just think about all the girls who are crazy about Justin, they deserve that hope. Let's not turn him into a Michael Jackson!
One more thing: Justin also shared a kiss with Katy Perry! Is this making him a homewrecker since the singer is engaged to be married to Russell Brand?