Sunday, October 23, 2011

10 Foods That Help You Lose Weight and Leave You Feeling Frisky!

Maureen Wielansky photo loving couple 300x200 10 Foods That Help You Lose Weight and Leave You Feeling Frisky!
Do you need some inspiration in the boudoir?
You know that when you feel sexy in your own skin the sexy transfers to other areas of your life.
Sexy is not a size but confidence in your own skin as you are right now.
Are you thinking: “Sure Maureen that may work for you but it just doesn’t fly for me!”
Well let me share a little secret.

Lean in close because this message is only for your ears, my friend.
When you feel sexy your body will respond with a move down the scale.
It’s true!
I will convince you another day because we have some foods that will get you feeling frisky in the bedroom no matter what your size!
1. Avocados: The Ancient Aztecs natural Viagra.
2.  Chili: Hot on the mouth translates to SMOKING HOT!
3. Celery: this overlooked vegetable contains male hormones that are proven to help women feel “energized”.
4. Dark organic chocolate: We knew we loved it but we thought only for the sweetness.  Eat up and feel playful!
5. Fennel: If your man is feeling blah; feed him some fennel.  It contains estrogen that seems to work like a charm for the men; however it also helps the women as well.
6. Raw Oysters: Nothing new here but what I didn’t know was why it is a natural aphrodisiac but now I know: it increases blood flow.
7. Garlic: may give you bad breathe but its natural qualities will get you in the mood.  Just be sure to brush your teeth.
8. Licorice: Increase blood flow you know where!
9. Honey: Contains B vitamins and helps increase those “important” hormone levels.
10. Nutmeg: Increases your desires for fun in bedroom.
Since most of these foods wouldn’t be easy to digest on their own (think garlic!), follow the tips below to work these smoking hot foods into your eating plan.
  • Pick a couple of the ingredients above and type them into Google.  You will find recipes that you can prepare tonight!
  • Prepare some guacamole with those avocados and dip your celery, double fun tonight!
  • Think of dark chocolate as a decadent splurge that is oh so naughty!  Melt some and use it as a fruit dip for dessert.
As you can see, a moderate amount of each of these will help with your waistline and your love “making” life!