Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Mouthwash And The Myths It Brings Along

Gargling with mouthwash after brushing your teeth, as suggested by most dentists, can help maintaining the your dental and oral health.However, according to Dr Euan Swan from Canadian Dental Association, Ottawa the benefit of using mouthwash is depending on the type of products you use. Therefore, you mustn’t get instantly affected on the myths or issues told by the newspapers or ads.
Here are the most common myths regarding the usage of mouthwash.

All kinds of mouthwash are good for your health
It is better to be selective in choosing the type of mouthwash you are going to gargle with. Opt for the products which don’t contain lots of alcohol as they may cause dry mouth. Furthermore, high-alcohol mouthwash can also damage the tissues in your mouth and in some cases it can also make your teeth more sensitive, as explained by Dr Lewis West, a dentist from Toronto.

Although alcohol-free mouthwash can be used as alternative, some other ingredients in mouthwash can also cause side effects. For example: Chlorhexidine, which is not recommended for long-term use, because it can temporarily alter your sense of taste; and essential oils, which may have an uncomfortably sharp taste. Some other ingredients can even stain your teeth or cause a burning sensation.

Mouthwash is the remedy of bad breathe

For sure, mouthwash can vanish bad breath after gargling with it, but the effect actually only last for a short while. The smelly breath caused by the meals you ate, actually came from your lungs as you exhale, so freshening your mouth with mouthwash is actually not a long-lasting method. Besides, your saliva will dilute your mouthwash and the protein in saliva can also reduce the effectiveness of the ingredients contained in your mouthwash.

Simply gargle and spit

According to experts, in order to have the mouthwash works effectively, you need to gargle for at least 30 seconds per use. Unfortunately, holding the mouthwash in your mouth for 30 seconds seems like and non-easy task for most people as they can’t stand the strong and stinging smell or taste of the liquid. However, in order to get the best result of mouthwash, Dr Swan recommended using it as directed by the manufacturer.