Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Tips For Perfect Look With Makeup

A set of expensive makeup is not enough to create a perfect look; one wrong step and you probably would end up with more visible lines, clown-like appearance, or cakey face. To get the perfect look with makeup,here is a collection of tips that you can directly try in the next morning.
1. Moisturizer first
Never forget this even if you are not going to put makeup on. Aside from moisture your skin, moisturizer can make your foundation and concealer gliding smoothly over the skin instead of settling into fine lines. Apply the concealer and foundation about a minute after moisturizer.

2. Apply concealer before foundation

When you have applied concealer on necessary spots, you would not need much foundation coverage. Use concealer under eyes, along the nose and on the chin.

3. Avoid full foundation coverage
Only apply foundation when you need to even out skin tone. For more sheer, natural coverage, consider a tinted moisturizer, which goes on much lighter than typical foundations.

4. Blend foundation correctly

If you want more foundation coverage, use a foundation brush. Always start from the center of your face and outward. Pay special attention around the neck, otherwise people will see the line where you stopped, giving you a ‘mask face.’

5. Pick the proper color

When you choose a foundation or powder, choose the color that is the closest with your skin tone. Never try to deepen your complexion with foundation, it will look very obvious. Matte foundation is good for oily skin, while the one with hydrating formula is good for dry skin.

6. Avoid ‘cake face’

Do not powder your skin if it is very oily, since it will create a ‘cake face.’ Use face blotting paper before you apply your powder.

7. Natural oil is not bad

‘Cake face’ on an oily skin is not good, but a thin layer of natural oil on your skin is actually not bad; the sheen gives a dewy appearance. Plus, oily skin tends to develop fewer lines than dry skin.