Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Valuable Tips For Common Skin Problems

Having skin problems is not something favored by anyone; however problems like acne, flaky skin, and blackheads could affect anyone at any ages in life. Problems like these can actually trigger one’s self esteem if we didn’t find the ways to tackle them.Therefore, look at these tips below if you want to overcome the common skin issues you are having at the moment.
Dry and Flaky Skin
This skin condition could cause discomfort due to the itch and the unaesthetic appearance it causes. Therefore, you need to maintain your skin by nourishing is with coconut oil, almond oil, or other products which contain wild rose fruit or cranberry extracts. Such ingredients can help nourish your skin and act as an anti-inflammatory at the same time.
This issue often happens during summer as it is caused by heat. To tackle this issue and have a pleasant summer holiday, you need to avoid overheating by rinsing your skin as often as you can, and wear natural fabric clothes instead of the synthetic ones. While rinsing your skin, make sure you use products which contained anti-bacterial ingredients such as aloe, chamomile, or lavender infusion. Also visit your dermatologist as soon as possible when you see eczema starting to spread over your skin.

Blackheads and Pimples
Cleanse your skin thoroughly both in the morning and evening to avoid developing these issues. Opt for skin care products which are specially made to tackle blackheads and pimples issues, or perform a home facial cleansing mask using egg yolk, honey, oatmeal, and olive oil.
If you think your skin is prone to developing pimples, find facial wash products which contain benzoyl peroxide. It has antibacterial properties which help remove sebum and prevent further outbreaks.
You should never pinch a pimple in order to remove it; however, you can try to remove the blackheads after cleansing your skin by performing a steam facial bath. But don’t forget to clean your hand and wrap your fingers with cheesecloth before start squeezing out the blackheads. Make sure you squeeze gently that you don’t leave any marks on your skin.
You can also use blackhead removing strips to remove some of the blackheads without pinching or squeezing your skin.

Reddish Spots
Use a clay based mask to cure the red-spots of your skin. Clay helps reducing the swelling and also works well against impurities; but if your skin is dry, you better not use this mask.