Monday, August 8, 2011

Causes of Decreased Man Libido

Libido is sexual desire. If man with low libido levels, will lose interest in sexual activity. Of growth hormone, physical health, mental, drug side effects.
Growth Hormone.
The man who gets older, will experience a decrease in testosterone levels. In other words, if low-testosterone man would give the effect of low libido as well. This is causing him to lose interest in sexual activity.
Physical Health.
A healthy physical effects of a healthy libido, too. Physical health plays an important role in the formation of male libido. Diabetes, heart disease, nerve will cause the male libido is reduced.
Mental Health.
Mentally unhealthy will also affect the level of male libido. Stress, depression, anxiety, and others will make your libido is reduced. Coming to a psychologist for counseling to the problem so you can feel a quiet life, free, no thoughts that will make you eager to live.
Drug Side Effects.
Drug side effects such as anxiety medications, heart disease, diabetes would reduce the male libido. Since this will suppress most of your sex hormones. Consumption of alcohol will also reduce the level of libido in man, damage your liver and your blood vessels.