Monday, August 8, 2011

7 Causes Of Bad Sperm Quality

Male fertility has always been linked by the quality of the sperm he has. To determine the quality of sperm in men, they should perform laboratory tests. Sperm quality is characterized by a complete form, and agile.

Men's lifestyle are now generally less concerned about health problems that would threaten him. Such as unhealthy diet, excess weight, and so on. Thus affect the quality of male sperm as well. Naturally, if now a lot of couples married a long time but have not had children. 

I will explain the factors leading to poor-quality sperm, so you can prevent that from now on.

1. Drugs. 
Drugs such as cocaine, marijuana, and the other will cause the sperm infertile men. In addition, the problem of impotence and premature ejaculation are also often found in men who consume these drugs.

2. Alcohol. 
Alcohol can interfere with the nervous system that will cause your blood vessels constrict. This will lead you suffer from impotence. Alcohol can also cause liver damage. Dudun by sperm in the body will cause the sperm is less qualified.

3. Too Lot Of Sports
Too much exercise will cause the body temperature rises, especially in the scrotum or testicles. Due to excessive temperature, sperm can be damaged. Sperm must be on guard in the normal temperature conditions.

4. Shortage Of Vitamin C. 
Vitamin C is a vitamin that is needed, particularly in the male reproductive system. Lack of vitamin C that will cause sterility. Vitamin C can be found easily at the nearest health store around your house.

5. Smoking. 
Smoking can constrict blood vessels, including on the part of your penis. Also inhibited the formation of sperm cells that cause the poor sperm quality.

6. Low-Nutrition Foods. 
Irregular eating and eating too many foods that malnutrition can cause your sperm is not good. Good food is food that contains lots of vitamins, zinc, selenium, and manganese.

7. Unhealthy Work Environment. 
Unhealthy work environments such as chemical laboratory will make you poor-quality sperm. Computer radiation is also not good for the health of your sperm. So put away from now on also with the work environment.