Saturday, September 3, 2011

Tips to Avoid Bra Straps from Sliding

Many women feel shy in wearing sexy dresses thinking what if their bra straps slide away and embarrass them in a party. It’s true that bras are meant to support the most delicate part of a woman’s body but when the same garment in not in the right position it can be a matter of discomfort for the lady. So, here are some tips to avoid bra straps from sliding.mainpage_EF4256
First of all, choose the right bra size to eliminate any chances of misfitting or slipping off when you wear it. Sadly, majority of women keep on wearing wrong size of bras that not only damage their figure but also gives more scope for straps slipping off. Always, check the size before buying from a good lingerie store in a trial room.

Another tip is to go for strapless bras when wearing a dress to create a lasting impression. This will relieve you from any fear of sliding off your bra straps in any case. You may also choose to wear a racer back style bra for preventing the sliding off the straps, as these bras are designed to allow movement without any delicate strap system.
So, now we assume that you have got enough of handy tips to avoid bra straps from sliding off.