Sunday, August 14, 2011

Shoes Sign of Elegance

There was a time when shoes were regarded just a footwear, a necessity and a source of comfort. But as the time has changed, women’s thinking has also changed. Now they pay attention to their shoes as well. They spend a good amount of money on them. The women of recent times are more aware of latest fashion, style and their look than the earlier women. In the market there is a great variety of shoes available at affordable price. While buying a shoe never forget the rule of comfort. As wrong selection of can cause pain, anxiety and trouble for a long time. Here is a list of kind of shoes which every woman should have in her shoe collection.used for a long time. People examine the personality of someone by the choice of a handbag. Wrong choice of bags spoils the image of your personality.The main rule while selecting a bag is that large bags go with large bodies and small bags go with small bodies. If you are a tall and thin girl then a medium size hand bag will suit you. Ladies who have big hips should go for shoulder bags as they will draw attention to your face in place of lower body.
Ladies with top heavy figure should go for bags with long straps. Plus size girls should use bags that are just a tad wider. If you have a perfect and ideal figure then you need not to be worried about the choice of a bag. Any bag can flatter your body. But never forget the rule of proportion while getting a bag for you.