Sunday, August 14, 2011

10 Rules for Dieters

Diet plan is always difficult to follow for the dieters as most of the people are fond of eating. So they can’t stop themselves from eating something. This habit destroys their diet plan surely but they can’t get rid of their bad habit. So here we are suggesting some easy rules to be followed. It will help them to control their eating habit and thus they can control their weight even can lose it too.
• Always remind yourself that you are a slim person. This reminder will stop you eating at wrong time.
• Make a schedule of diet that you want to take thrice a day and determine the quantity too.
• Don’t visit restaurants during the first week of dieting.
• While watching T.V or reading books don’t eat anything.
• Always eat some thing while be seated.
• Once you swallow the mouthful fully then fill your spoon for the next one.
• Enjoy your food by eating it slowly and chew it well.
• Fill your plate with the required quantity of food.
• Never fill it again.
• Leave some food in plate before finishing it.