Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Health Tip of the Day:- Causes of lower back pain and what is the treatment of lower back pain

Health Tip of the Day:- Causes of lower back pain and what is the treatment of lower back pain>>> To make your life easier and smarter along with wiser and faster you need to read this life tip. Thishealth tips of the day we place here for you to know about the causes of lower back pain.

lower back pain Health Tip of the Day:  Causes of lower back pain and what is the treatment of lower back pain
1.    Causes:- 
Lower back pain is happen due to overwork, injury or stress to the your muscle and it also happened due to pressure of nerve roots, osteoarthritis, spinal stenosisfractures, scoliosis, or compressions fractures. Moreover, the common causes of lower back pains are nerve irritation, lumbar resiculopathy and lumbar strain and the most common cause is the conditions of bone and joint.

2.    Homemade Treatment of lower back pain
we highlighted some homemade treatment of lower back pain as suggested by the expert.
(a)    When you are going to sleep or laying down then you should place a pillow between you knee. It will make you comfortable. Moreover this is the advice of the expert that while placing a pillow under your knee.
(b)    You can apply the heat or ice for your lower back pain.
(c)    Although back pain exercise will not relive you from this pain but some people have nice tips to reduce lower back pain.
(d)    Some non-prescription medicine may be for back pain relief.