Thursday, April 11, 2013

Veena Malik Marriage

Lollywood Actress Veena Malik disappointed some of her fans when she announced on April 1 that she had her private wedding ceremony with an Italian model John Espesito.
“It was a prank. I am not going to get married with only family and friends around me,” said the drama queen. “I will celebrate my marriage with the entire world.”

Currently she is in Punjab shooting for the film Dil da Mamala. “ the producer played a joke on everyone and said ‘The project has been called off, move out, pack up and leave’. We were all shocked, but then he said it was a mere joke. I thought I could also play a joke,” shared Veena.
“I am happy to know that people are eagerly waiting for me to get married,” she said. “But as for now, I am married to my career and my films.”