Monday, June 25, 2012

Selena Fomez Flapper Fabulous

Selena Gomez and David Henrie look like they just stepped out of a silent movie in this new behind-the-scenes shot from Wizards of Waverly Place.
Selena, 16, looks like she had loads of fun dressing up as a flapper girl and David, 19, as silent comedy king Charlie Chaplin.
In the upcoming episode “Justin’s New Girlfriend,” Alex (Gomez) is jealous of the budding friendship between Justin (Henrie) and Harper (Jennifer Stone) and their shared love of silent movies, so she sabotages their plans. To get back at her, Justin casts a spell on Alex that places all three of them in an old silent movie.
Meanwhile, Theresa (Maria Canals-Barrera) and Jerry (David DeLuise) switch duties at the Waverly Substation to see who has the more difficult job.
“Justin’s New Girlfriend” airs right after the premiere of JONAS on Saturday, May 2 @ 8:30PM ET/PT on Disney Channel. 12+stills under ..