Wednesday, June 27, 2012

How to check expired makeup before it hurts

975 300x225 How to check expired makeup before it hurts
It is the most worse moment for girls when their makeup product has expired, but girls it is batter to avoid then using expired make products because nothing is more precious than your skin and body(not only for your boyfriends). have you ever seen your friends and family taking about expired makeup products infections or something else? if not see in comments many people will talk about. Lets come back to the topic. now the problem is…how we know about expired products and which one is useable?

Liquid foundation:

It is easy to check whether expired or not because it changed its color after expiration. You know when you browse the beauty aisles at the drug store, and those bottles of liquid foundation have a strange color? Changes in texture and smell of the formula are both telling signs that the makeup has gone bad. Sometimes, your water-based foundation seems to be expired because it starts to become thick and dries up when you apply it. However, if you are sure it is less than a year old, try adding some drops of an alcohol-free toner to get the creamy texture back.


It is really easy to check lipstick for expiration because when it expired it feels creamy on your lips, changed its color and texture. do not use lipstick more then one and half year, it is best idea to change before expiration to avoid any loss.


The mascara tube is a real shady character because the dark and moist environment is a breeding ground for bacteria that can cause a plethora of infections. Aside from keeping tabs on how long you’ve had your tube, sniff your mascara to see if has any foul smells. Toss anything that smells like gas or just plain off and replace mascara every 3-4 months to be on the safe side, it’s hard to look cute with pink eye.


Do not compromise on your pretty and sexy eyes(of course your boyfriend will also not). if you feel some spots on your eyeliner and unable to remove after sharpen… this is the sign your eyeliner is becoming you worse enemy and kill it before it kill your sexy eyes.