Sunday, March 11, 2012

Beauty Tips For The Inside-Out

Beauty Tips For The Inside OutGlamour magazines and cosmetologists don’t offer beauty tips surrounding the impact that our mental and emotional well-being has on our appearance. There are some simple strategies to consider as we age that can improve our appearance and give us the radiance of our youth. Staying socially engaged, maintaining positivity, and adopting healthy coping skills to handle stress can play a role in slowing down the often-cruel hands of time.

Interacting with others prompts us to keep up on the personal grooming “extras” that we might neglect if not for the pressure of social interactions.Beauty tips are quite irrelevant if we aren’t taking the time to tend to our routines. I might not dye my roots as vigilantly if I didn’t have drinks with friends every other Wednesday evening after work. Responding to and engaging with others is stimulating- and it increases emotional expression, which is a healthy outlet.
I’m no Pollyanna, but trying to focus on the positive is perhaps the most crucial of all beauty tips. Frowning causes wrinkles, and stress creates lines. We all have stressful lives, but putting crises in perspective and prioritizing matters to worry about can help. Set aside “worry time” which involves setting a specific period of time to perseverate about the issue or issues that cause us concern. Set an egg timer, and when the rime runs out, push your thoughts to other things. Dismiss that nagging worry because you have already spent time focused on that and likely the situation remains the same. I find that stress causes me to become quite impatient with others, often for matters out of their control. People, as a rule, are basically good; we all have the potential for good. This could be helpful positive imagery to utilize when stuck in a store line with a cranky cashier.