Monday, September 12, 2011

Nail Beauty Tips Posted

Nails are an important attractive feature, and also require a lot of care to keep them beautiful. They receive a lot of attention as well. There are certain things which should be kept in mind while one wants to grow nails bigger. And the most essential thing about their looks is to clean them properly after every bath. Because nails are the easiest places where the dirt can get embedded which also in turn causehealth problems.

There are many simple methods to maintain your nails and their beauty. First thing to do regarding them is to remove any old nail polish with a good quality nail polish remover. Do not use any kind of rough surface material to remove the nail polish as it may spoil the layers on your nail. Remember to use cotton balls to remove your nail polish.
Use a file to give beautiful shape to your nails, and do not make them of any sharp shape, and be careful about the length of each nail. It should be kept equal for all your fingers. You can use orange wood stick to clean your nails and then soak your fingers in warm water to remove the dirt from them. You should leave the cuticle intact so that they can help you from preventing any kind of infection of the nail growing tissue.
Now that you have done all that for your nail protection, to beautify it you can coat your nails with your matching nail polish. No need of having different coat for the top and the base. You can easily use same nail polish for the top. You should let it dry properly after having applied your nail polish. After this apply some moisturizing crème to the cuticles and also the hands to save them from splitting.
For maintaining your manicure for longer it is better that you keep short nails then grow them longer. Because shorter nails are easier to manage. Applying oil to your cuticles is also very important to make them smooth and healthy. For better nourishment to your nails, you should eat food which is rich in calcium and magnesium.