Sunday, September 11, 2011

Interview About Sexy High Heels with Mari Kudla

Mari Kudla
This is another short exclusive interview via email with Mari Kudla :
Question (Q) : Why do you like high heels shoe?
Answer (A) : High heels make a woman feel sexy and can instantly change your mood! The change the appearance of your leg and glutes for the better…what’s not to like?
Q : How often do you wear high heels shoe?
A : Actually, I dont get to wear them that often. I work in a gym and heels are not safe or appropriate! However I teach Posing classes to future competitors, and I get to strut around in them for an hour or so. Also when I have a photo shoot I always bring tons of heels!
Q : What kind of high heels shoe do you like (boot/pump/slide/sandal)? Why?
A : I like all types of heels. I have some in every style and almost every color. I Like to be prepared when I do get a night out on the town.
Q : What color of high heels shoe do you like? Why?
A : Black of course. It goes with almost anything. However I do have white, blue, many shades of brown, green, orange, pink…
Q : Are there suggestions to the readers either women or man about high heels shoe?
A : Women take your time if they are new to you. Strut around your house doing dishes or going to the mail box. Once you have some balance you will increase your confidence and enjoy a nice pair of heels to their fullest!
Ok, thank you Mari for the interview.