Friday, September 9, 2011

Favorite Thing Friday: Breeze Comfort Bra

While I was in Los Angeles for Comic Con, I was offered a Breeze Comfort Bra for review. I was mostly skeptical because its so hard to find a good fitting bra when you have a large-ish chest.
Story of my life….
I accepted the challenge but never expected to experience such great results! What attracted me first off to the Basic Push-Up Bra was the beautiful zebra print! But of course I had bigger concerns than just a pretty pattern.
I literally wore this while running around from press room to press room, sometimes running across the street to get to the Hilton or Hard Rock and most times back again! It was an awful lot I was expecting from a bra but this one really got the job done. It provided optimal support while giving me some stellar cleavage! WINNING!
The secret lies in the perforated pads located in the cups that helped keep the sweat at bay. I can’t recommend this bra enough!
Even for my five hour flight back home, I rocked my Breeze Comfort Bra and never looked back. Celebrity fans include Tiffany Hines, Beverly Mitchell, Ashley Jensen, and Ali Fedotowsky.