Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Different Types of Teeth Whitening Products Available in the Market

There are a number of teeth whitening systems or products available in the market these days. These include over the counter gels, trays, whitening toothpastes, strips, whitening agents and rinses. All of these can be bought from a dentist who specialises in teeth whitening in Limerick. The process is ideal for individuals who have un-restored teeth devoid of any kind of fillings and have a yellow tone or patch on their teeth. However, the process is not recommended for all. It is necessary for an individual to determine whether the process is actually suitable for one.
Teeth Whitening Products
Whitening Toothpastes
Most toothpastes help in removing the stains on the surface of the teeth as they contain abrasives in minimum quantities. There are some brands of toothpaste that also include chemical or gentle polishing agents that contain stain removal qualities. The whitening toothpastes can help to remove the stains effectively and are devoid of any bleach content. These toothpastes can in fact lighten the colour of your teeth by one shade.

Over the Counter Gels and Whitening Strips
These are mostly peroxide-based gels and are clear in colour. These are supposed to be applied directly on to the surface of the teeth with the help of a small brush. The results are visible within the span of a few days and the effect can last for a span of around four months or so.
Tray-based Whiteners
These systems can be availed from your dentist or even over-the-counter. It comprises a gel whitening solution and a guard-like tray. The tray is made out of a peroxide bleaching agent and the tray has to be worn for a stipulated period of time.
Whitening Rinses
These are the latest products that have been launched in the line of teeth whitening products. They are quite similar to a mouthwash and reduce the chances of gum diseases, dental plaque and also help to freshen up your breath.
While the problem of stained teeth can be taken care of by the use of teeth whitening systems, other problems such as irregular teeth patterns can be addressed by the use of 6 month braces.