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Rose Tattoos – A Meaning In Every Petal

Roses have always been associated with love and death. The ancient Greeks believed that the first rose was created when Chloris, the goddess of flowers, came upon a dying wood nymph and transformed her into a flower. Then the goddess of love, Aphrodite, gave the flower its beauty, and the god of wine, Dionysus, contributed an intoxicating fragrance. Beauty, love, intoxication, and death, all in one package; add thorns for a hint of sorrow and danger, and you have the perfect symbol of the human condition
So is it any wonder that the rose tattoo has, for both men and women, become one of the most widely requested of all tattoo designs? Not only is the rose loaded with symbolic meaning; its can be represented as anything from a single small bud or open bloom, or as a garland or bouquet of blossoms, and with or without thorns. It can have flowing ribbons with names of loved ones, tattooed in remembrance or as a pledge of eternal devotion.

One ancient Roman legend is that the god of silence, Harpocrates, happened to witness Venus, the goddess of love, engaging in an illicit sexual encounter. Venus’ son Cupid, the god of love, bribed Harpocrates with a rose to guarantee his silence. The Romans took their myths seriously, and the ceilings of Roman banquet rooms were festooned with roses as a reminder to those reclining at the tables. What was revealed from wine-loosened lips of wine was heard “sub rosa,” and would remain confidential.
A rose tattoo positioned in a very private place and known only to a lover can honor the tradition of the rose as a symbol of secrecy. But rose tattoos can also be worn visibly and proudly, as most men wear them, on the arm.
Even the color of a rose tattoo can add layers to its meaning; the Victorians actually had a “language” of flowers and by sending different varieties of blooms in different colors to those they admired could communicate symbolically all the romantic feelings their conventions would no let them say in person. Rose tattoos, alone or combined with other flowers, can communicate a very private message in a very public way.
While the most requested color for rose tattoos is red, signifying love, romance, courage, and beauty, the blue rose tattoo is gaining in popularity, and has an intriguing history. There are no naturally blue roses, and although research is ongoing to create one, the blue rose tattoo represents mystery and the quest to achieve the impossible. Some legends suggest that the blue rose can magically grant wishes or restore youth.
Rose tattoos, like the actual flowers, can beckon and entice, or hint of danger. Rose tattoos can suggest purity and innocence, or unbridled passion. Rose tattoos can be worn in remembrance of loved ones who have moved on or as pledges of undying love through all the years ahead.
Rose Tattoos

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Japanese Tattoo Designs

Japan has an extensive history of tattooing.  For thousands of years, tattoos have played a significant role in the culture of the Japanese people.  From mafia symbols to clay burial figures featuring facial tattoos, tattoos have served many different purposes throughout time.  “Iremuzi” is the Japanese word for traditional hand-poked tattoos.  To create a permanent mark or tattoo, ink has to be inserted into the skin at a certain depth.  Though modern tattooing uses a machine with automatic needles, ancient tattoo, and tattoos done in the ancient tradition, were created by poking a harkened object dipped in ink into the skin.
Scholars and archeologists believe that, in Japan, tattoos might date all the way back to 10,000 BCE.  These tattoos would have been much simpler than today’s designs, and would only have been done in black ink, made from ash or another readily available substance.  It is believed these first tattoos were for spiritual use, or served a simply decorative purpose.  Later, during the Edo period (c. 1600-1800s), tattoos became a mark of punishment.  Some people belief that this is also the start of modern decorative Japanese tattoos.  Many insist that the decorative tattoos emerged as a way of camouflaging the incriminating tattoo.  Also at this time, book illustrations began to depict tattooed warriors and heros.  Tattoos became a symbol of honor, pride, and courage for Samurai warriors.
Unfortunately for those who were tattooed, whether criminals or not, tattoos were outlawed in the Meiji period, beginning in 1868.  Japan was attempting to Westernize, and the government, led by Emperor Meiji Tenno, felt that tattoos were barbaric and distasteful.  People with tattoos became ostracized, regardless of whether they were tattooed for illegal activity or as a personal choice.  Although the Yakuza date back to the 1600s, they ground during this time because many people forced to the fringes of society turned to crime in order to survive.  The Yakuza is often considered the “Japanese Mafia.”  It is one of the largest and longest living crime organizations in the world, involved in gambling, drugs, prostitution, and extortion.  Interestingly, the Yakuza is often involved in the community in positive ways too, and is known to donate money and aid in times of crisis.
Although tattoos have been legalized in Japan for a long time, tattoos, especially large tattoos or extensive tattoo work, are still largely associated with the Yakuza and criminal activity.  In some public places and businesses in Japan, exposed tattoos are prohibited in order to limit the number of Yakuza members using the facility or to limit the fear potentially inspired by others by the possibility.  Fortunately, traditional Japanese tattoos have received attention outside of the criminal arena.  Iremuzi tattoos are still done in Japan, under the same system used in older times.  A master tattoo artist adopts an apprentice, who serves for many years before, serving by cleaning the equipment, making tattoo needles, practicing designs, and learning techniques, before he finally becomes a master himself, earning a new name and taking on his own apprentice.
There are traditional tattoo designs, but also traditional rules for Japanese tattoos.  These rules are not necessarily prescribed, but they are customary with the community.  Some of the most traditional motifs are flowers, mythical beasts like dragons and phoenixes, leaves, fish, masks, Samurai, and others.  Flowers typically associated with Spring or Summer, like Cherry Blossoms, are often connected to Spring animals or symbols of warmth or heat, like dragons.
On the other hand, koi fish, or carp, are common in the fall because they spawn during that time, koi are often paired with maple leaves.  On the other hand, koi are often paired with dragons, because there is a prevalent myth that when koi reach the source of the stream they are transformed into dragons.  Furthermore, dragons and phoenixes are paired together as a representation of Yin Yang, or the balance of the universe.  Anther common combination is lions and peonies, which balances beauty with ferocity.  As you can see, the customary designs for Japanese tattoos are steeped in history, which can make creating a design without extensive research a little difficult.

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Body Painting Girl Pregnant

With the World Body Painting Festival (and of course the Body Painting Award) coming up on the 17th of July, it’s about time to get you all fired up in your body painting know-how.
More about this festival coming soon, but first a short introduction in the art of body painting.
Body painting is a form of body art, and has probably been around since the beginning of civilization. In almost every tribalist culture, body painting was performed during ceremonies or merely just for the beauty of it. Back then they used clay and other natural pigments.
Body painting still survives in parts of the world, and especially ‘Mehndi’, the form of body painting that uses henna dyes, is now very popular in the western world. The henna tattoo is semi-permanent.
Since the 1960?s, body painting emerged as an actual art form. However, there is the never-ending discussion about it’s social acceptability because body painting practically always involves nudity.
But no art without paint of course, and you’ll be happy to know that the paint is restricted to guidelines: the body paint has to be non-toxic and non-allergenic. The paint easily washes of with water and soap.
As for the henna dyes, which Mehndi uses, there’s a difference between the synthetic black henna, and the natural brown henna. The natural henna dye is completely safe when body painting, but the synthetic black henna dye could cause allergic reactions. You should have yourself patch tested before using these at body painting.

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Unique and Sexy Lower Back Tattoo Designs

A tattoo is a permanent part of someone’s body and someone who is bold and daring would want unique and sexy lower back tattoo designs more than anything else. They can really look stunning and sensual particularly on females – no wonder 20 percent of women with tattoos between the ages of 18 to 50 have a tattoo on their lower-back.
Nothing can beat an incredible and unique tattoo just peeking out from the curve of her behind and onto her lower-back. The following looks into this wonderful world of lower-back tattoo designs and help you decide on what kind of tattoo you would want embedded on that sexy part of your body.
The Lower Back: An Excellent Place for Unique and Sexy Tattoo Designs
The lower-back is an excellent location to put unique and sexy tattoo designs as this can be easily flaunted or flashed whatever style of clothing a person may choose. In a same manner, the tattoo can be discreetly hidden under clothing if the person chooses it to be depending on the situation they are in.
The lower-back is also an area in the body that doesn’t change much whether the person is young or old, thin or plump, and could really be a very feminine and very sexy area particularly for bold and daring women who wants to enhance their looks and image.
Popular Lower Back Tattoo Designs
There are several designs available that a particular person can choose that would look perfect on their lower backs. It all depends on what a person prefers his or her image to project. But if you want a tattoo that projects a sleek and sexy look, then the following are some design suggestions that you may want to consider and get that unique and sexy lower back tattoo design that is perfect for your body.
*.A Coiling Snake – a symbol of the inner power and energy that some people believe the lower-back holds. The snake or the serpent is also used as a symbol for a goddess and is considered a feminine, benign force by some older religions
* Tribal Design – this is one of the most popular designs that people choose for their lower-backs. Also called tramp stamps on the lower-back, tribal designs can be Celtic, Polynesian, African or any other exotic tribal design from anywhere in the world
* Lotus Flower – another symbol for femininity, fertility, divinity and prosperity used throughout the ages. It is also considered a symbol of the sun and the creative power that female holds
* Dragon – this is another symbol of inner power that would look sleek and sexy as the image appears to jump out from the lower back
* Dolphins – a dolphin tattoo is great for a woman’s lower-back and would really appear sexy as it conforms to the curves and contours of the lower-back
The lower-back is a great and excellent place where excellent looking tattoos can be placed. A person, particularly daring ladies who wants to change their looks into something bold and daring can make use of unique and sexy lower back tattoo designs.

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Latest Sexy Girl Tattoo

There is no better way to express one’s self than with a tattoo. But unlike in the past, society now allows girls to get tattoos just like the boys. In fact, most men find it tattoos on girls extremely sexy especially with the appropriate design and when placed at the most strategic places of the body.
When it comes to popular female tattoos, butterfly tattoos rank first in the list. There is that sense of playfulness that comes with butterfly tattoos which works well for the ladies. We all know that women, even if it is generally acceptable now to don tattoos, are quite conservative with having their skin printed with ink which is why they go for smaller and daintier tattoos. Together in the same category as butterflies are flowers, stars and fairies. They all come from a mystic realm that women often associate with fiction-wise.
These tattoos are likened to that as accent pieces that women only have in selected parts of their body. The sexiest places to have a tattoo is on one’s nape, the back of the shoulder, lower back, the rib cage, ankle and foot. These places allow the women to be able to hide their tat easily but at the same time, they can catch the attention of the opposite sex. Nothing screams as sexy as when a lady flips her hair to reveal a tattoo on the back of her shoulder or when a woman bends down to reveal an floral design on her lower back.
The right kind of tattoo on a girl can be incredibly sexy. Here are some important points when going for a sexy girl tattoo:
1. What kind of design? A sexy girl tattoo should be something erotic, exotic, and even a little dangerous looking. What you should not get is something “cute”, like a rose or some common type of girl tattoo. The design that stands out is going to be strong and sexy. You can still bring femininity into your tattoo by adding other elements around it. For instance a dragon tattoo on a female can be very sexy, while you can then add in surrounding stars or small flowers to accentuate feminine qualities, while remaining sexy and dangerous.
2. Where to get your female sexy tattoo? Areas that accentuate a sexy tattoo are upper arms, upper back, and upper thigh areas. Other areas may work well also, but one area to avoid is the lower back. While this area has been viewed as a sexy place to get your female tattoo, it’s been played out and become too much of a trend. Now slang terminology has emerged referring to female low back tattoo’s as “tramp stamps”. So instead of “sexy”, low back tattoo’s have turned into trendy and unoriginal.
3. How large? Generally sexy female tattoo’s tend to be bigger, which contributes to their strong, stand out look. Again, a small tattoo tends to be more “cute” than sexy. Whereas a larger tattoo stands out and can be much more elaborate, sexy and “dangerous looking”. It need not be a large mural filling up your whole back, but an above average sized tattoo tends to be the sexiest.

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The Tattoos of The Rock

Professional wrestler and action movie star Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is not only the third generation in his family to wrestle professionally, he is the third generation in a row to be tattooed. One of his grandfathers and his father also were tattooed. Presently, The Rock has two tattoos. One is a modern single design on his right upper arm of a bull. However, his second tattoo was a departure from modern tattoo design, being a traditional Samoan style of tattoo all over his left shoulder.
The bull head tattoo on Johnson’s right arm corresponds to his Western zodiac birth sign of Taurus, the Bull. The tattoo is a long-horn type of steer and is a fairly straightforward outline style of design. The eyes of the bull are also colored in red. The tattooing on his left arm and shoulder is traditional Samoan style tattooing, done by an artist in Hawai’i. It incorporates traditional tribal patterns and symbols representing Johnson himself, his wife and daughter, his family and spirit guides. This extensive half sleeve wraps all the way around the upper arm, over the shoulder and onto the chest. A later session extended the section on his chest, adding a large symbolic warrior face over his heart.
Traditionally, Samoan tattooing was done by an artist, assisted by multiple people. The tattooist would use two tools, one a bone-tipped rake and the other the striking stick. The rake would be dipped in ink, then struck with the other stick to puncture the skin. The assistants had the job of holding the skin of the tattooee taut so that the artist could work. In his recent interview with Playboy magazine, Johnson did mention that that work took sixty hours total to execute, spread out over three sessions and was composed entirely freehand (meaning the artist worked right on his skin without a stencil or transfer). He did not mention if the tattoo was done with the traditional hand tools or if any of the ink was tattooed by conventional machine.
Tatau is a Samoan term for tattoo that basically means “correct, appropriate or workmanlike”. It gives masculinity like no other. Another Samoan term for tattoo is pe’a which highly signifies the richness and color of Samoa’s culture and heritage. For the past 2,000 years, Samoans, both men and women alike have practiced the art of tattooing and is continuing the art up to this day and age. Their act of being inked for life is an expression of their rich cultural identity. Why give attention to Samoa and its significance to the great art of tattooing anyway?
Well, you might not have known, but the rugged and masculine hunk of a wrestler, The Rock, with his real name Dwayne Johnson, traces his roots to Samoa, a Polynesian island. He has made a name in the world of wresting and has been known and identified with his tattoos usually tagged as The Rock Brahma Bull Tattoo. The Rock Brahma Bull Tattoo oozes with such overflowing masculinity showing The Rock’s upper right arm etched with a wild bull’s head with a dagger- look, intimidating and piercing red eyes. The Rock Brahma Bull Tattoo on his body shows The Rock’s sun-sign which is Taurus. The Rock Brahma Bull Tattoo design gives importance to the Brahma or a bull coming from a high breed of cattle used for breeding that usually weighs a maximum of one ton. You can just imagine the immense power and enormous strength this animal brings! Just so like The Rock, rocking his gigantic way to fame in his chosen field.
On the other upper left arm of The Rock shows, another kind of tattoo – the other side of The Rock’s strength, dominance and superiority, is a person with a sense of belonging-ness, a loving heart for family, background and history. The artistic work of The Rock Brahma Bull Tattoo also highlights his upper left arm with a pu’a mana tattoo that connotes “the strength of a woman”.
The Rock Brahma Bull Tattoo gives Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson a distinct identity that lets him stand out among the rest. Not only has he outshined the others with his acting stints but also demonstrates his sincere devotion and respect to his roots and genealogy. The Rock Brahma Bull Tattoo gives meaning and significance to the one man who shows excellent physical attributes as well as inner strength and substance.

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Punk Rock Tattoo Ideas

“Punk rock should mean freedom, liking and accepting anything that you like, as sloppy as you want, as long as it’s good and has passion,” according to the late Nirvana front man Kurt Cobain. Punk rock is about expression, as are tattoos; they go hand in hand. Some of the most popular punk-rock tattoos are representations of popular bands.
Black Flag Bars
Black Flag, formed in California in 1976, is considered one of the first punk rock bands. The band mixed raw and fast music with lyrics about poverty, drinking and non-conformity. The logo, a simple representation of the band name in four simple blocks, was designed by guitarist Greg Ginn’s brother, Raymond Pettibon. The band started spray-painting the logo throughout Los Angeles. Black Flag’s logo has become synonymous with punk rock, emblazoned on T-shirts and the arms of many fans throughout the world. It has become such a popular tattoo choice for punk rockers that a group of Philadelphia-based writers started a project called “Barred For Life” to document the masses of Black Flag fans with the tattoo.
Punk Rock Tattoo Ideas
Crass Logo
Crass was formed in England in 1977, at the height of the punk-rock movement. The band promoted anarchism and a do-it-yourself ethic in its music and in the way the band members lived their lives. The Crass logo symbolized the band’s anti-authoritarian and progressive beliefs. Crass’s militaristic logo was designed by drummer Penny Rimbaud’s friend Dave King for Rimbaud’s “Christ’s Reality Asylum” booklet. It contains several contradicting images, including a cross, a swastika, the Union Flag and a two-headed snake eating itself. The logo is a popular tattoo choice for Crass fans and those living the anarchist lifestyle condoned by the band.
Ramones Seal
The Ramones, often regarded as the first punk rock band, formed in Queens, New York, in 1974. The band played fast and melodic rock songs about girls, drugs and alienation. The Ramones logo was created by Arturo Vega, an artist in New York and a friend of the band, who considered the Ramones to be the ultimate All-American band. Vega co-opted the Great Seal of the President of the United States and replaced it with the names of the band members. As opposed to the original seal, the Ramones emblem shows an eagle holding an apple tree branch and a baseball bat, with a scroll that says “Hey, ho, let’s go” from the band’s hit song “Blitzkrieg Bop.” Unlike many other bands, the Ramones wore their own T-shirts. Like the Ramones, fans often mark their bodies with the Ramones seal to pledge their devotion to the music.

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Revealed The Meaning Of Rihanna Sexy Tattoos

Rihanna is successful in her musical careers as a world class well-known pop princess which claimed No 1 in Billboard for her debut single “Umbrella”. However, She not only passion about music but also a very huge fans of tattoos as well. She admitted that she addicted to tattoos and always hang out at tattoos shop.
Total Rihanna has 13 ink tattoos on his body that put him in a different place, like the fingers, hip, shoulder, leg and “inside” ears.Each of Rihanna’s tattoos represent different meanings of life and depending on when it came it.Keep in reading and set out each tattoo is Rihanna and meaning of art.
This could be the first signed Rihanna tattoo on her ankle with two symbols representing the musical note to symbolize the passion and the music that happens to be one of the most important aspects of your life. foot tattoos are popular with celebrities, you can visit female sexy foot tattoo designs for women and to the designs of tattoos that game foot girl.
Rihanna is a sign of Pisces (small star symbols) tattooed on his right ear.Star sign tattoos are very popular among men and a woman, and it seems Rihanna wants to express their creative and expressive character through his tattoo. Not easily identifiable as is Rihanna all covered by his long black hair.
The first four words are as follows: Forgiveness, Truth, repression, Calmness.The rest is covered by cloth and therefore is not visible. These are encouraging language that can provide support and spiritual strength Rihanna
In 2008, he put a finger tattoo. ‘Love’ The word was tattooed on the middle finger. The power source of the tattoo is normal with a little added effect it.Well Italic is not easily observed by others in the field and tattoos on her body.

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Historical of Axl Rose Tattoo-Guns n Roses

Prepare to be a rock god for one night. Dress up like the Guns N’ Roses lead vocalist, Axl Rose. Being a bad-ass is a requirement for this costume. Make sure to get the right attitude because it reflects to your overall look. If you’re the shy type, transform for just one night. For sure you would never want to go back to your old self because you would be chased by lots of rocker chicks.
Follow these tips from head to toe and you would surely pull this costume off.
For the hair, Axl Rose loved his long hair. So you should definitely get a long blond wig if your hair is not as long as his, because you won’t be able to get the desired look. Get a bandana and tie it around your head and then put shades on top of the bandana. Make sure to style your hair big.
For the top, you could wear different styles. Ripped shirt, or a shirt with just the sleeves ripped, a regular tight fitting shirt, a leather jacket with nothing underneath, or a vest. Anything works really. If you have a lean body, flaunt it, but if you think you’re too flabby or just plain shy, wear a shirt underneath a leather jacket or vest.
For the bottom, a variety of styles could work. Leather pants, black pants, denim jeans, ripped jeans or shorts. To definitely look like Axl at first glance, wear the leather pants.
For the shoes, wear black boots or cowboy boots.
And lastly for the accessories, long chain necklaces, leather bracelets, arm tattoos, and rings.

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Looking Cheryl Cole Tattoo at Glance

Do you love Cheryl Cole’s tattoos? If you would like to see pictures of Cheryl’s tattoos you have come to the right place.
The gorgeous Cheryl Cole is known as one fifth of British girlband Girls Aloud, previousfootballer WAG to Chelsea footballer Ashley Cole, X factor judge and successful mentor, solo artist of album Three Words, L’Oreal Elvive advertisements, because shes worth it, and so much more!!
Cheryl Cole found fame after starring in reality TV series Popstars the Rivals, but she was always destined for good things after winning a bonny baby contest in her native Newcastle. Cheryl Cole celebrates her body with some colorful elegant tattoos on her perfect body. Cheryl Cole body work and tattoos are shown below.
Cheryl is awaiting a divorce from Ashley Cole. She is rumored to be dating Derek Hough. Currently Cheryl Cole is extremely ill with malaria. She has just recently left hospital and has moved into a private clinic. Hopefully Cheryl will make a speedy recovery.