Monday, August 22, 2011

Pippa Middleton in a dust-ruffled maxi dress: cute? (update)

I know you’re tired of everyone trying to make Pippa Middleton “happen”. I get it. She’s pretty useless, and I can’t even bring myself to find her style that interesting. Usually, she dresses somewhat conservatively, with little to no personal flair or personality. She’s too fake-baked, and she doesn’t take the time to do her hair like the Duchess of Curling Irons. On the other hand, Pippa doesn’t have an epic button problem, and Pippa is still eating solids, so maybe we should cut Pippa a break once in a while, right?

Or not. These are new photos of Pippa out and about in London today, wearing a maxi dress with a dust ruffle. My first thought was that she was going to another wedding, and that she must be one of the bridesmaids, because… look at this thing. A peach gown with a dust ruffle. But as it turns out, this is just Pippa’s daywear, for hanging out and running errands. She wore this to go grocery shopping at Tesco. Is it cold enough in London for a maxi dress and a cropped white jacket? And if you’re going to go that covered up, why not wear a slip? The dress is completely see-through. And I suspect Pippa regrets wearing it too - she looks kind of uncomfortable in the getup.
I will give her some credit for the jacket, though. It’s kind of cute. I would love to own a peacoat-length version on this jacket.
UPDATE: Er… okay, my bad. I thought the situation with the crotch area was the fault of some lacy panties, but Us Weekly is calling me a liar. As it turns out, Pippa not only wore this to go grocery shopping, she also wore this for a “wax appointment.” Here’s a question, though: don’t you wear panties to your bikini wax appointment? Do you really go commando in a silk dress, letting your “situation” be known to the world? Odd.
Photos courtesy of Fame.