Friday, August 19, 2011

Dressing For Pool Party

It might be very confusing to dress for a pool party. You are always in a fix and have no idea as to how to put the look together. The main concern is about over dressing or under dressing for the event. Here is a list of must-haves for a pool party. After going through the list, you will not be in a fix anymore.
<img src="" alt="Beach Dressing" />The first concern remains about swimwear. People generally confuse with what to wear for a pool party. Should it be a two piece bikini or should it be a one piece bikini. The basic idea is to wear a bikini that you are confident of. It should suit your body type well so that you are not conscious about yourself the whole time. If you are still not sure about showing skin, then you can opt for a ruffled swimwear so that it hides your flaws.

<img src="" alt="Beach Ladies Bag" />The bag that you should carry should be big enough to accommodate your change of clothes. Big bags look great for poolside parties.
<img src="" alt="Beach Footwear" />Your best bet for footwear will be flip flops in rubber. They are very functional and stylish too. If you have to wear leather sandals then you must opt for waterproof ones so that you don’t spoil them in water.
<img src="" alt="Beach Party Dress" />When you are at pool party, you will not spend the full time in water so you will need a cover-up. A sheer cover is very essential so that you cover yourself when you are partying. Carry a cover up with you when you are at the party.
<img src="" alt="Beach Dress" />Lastly, wear water proof makeup so that it does not run in water or else you will end up looking awful.