Friday, July 22, 2011

Mens Fashion Trends - Casual Wears

Casual Wears

 Casuals make men look smarter. Formal and business wear clothes can not be worn through out. Casual wear makes you very comfortable and helps you to be tension free. Have a quick look at the latest casual wear for men.


Jeans is something which will never be out of fashion. Jeans are going to be in trend for years and years to come. Initially, boot cuts pattern in jeans was in fashion but now the straight fits are in trend. In this, there are different patterns like crushed jeans, monkey-wash jeans, jeans with prints, jeans with tints, jeans with embroidery on back and plain colour jeans. With jeans one should wear a t-shirt which fits perfectly. Wearing a formal half-sleeve shirt with jeans is also very much in fashion today.

Cotton shorts and three fourths

Shorts and three fourths was a part of women fashion, but now it has become a part of men fashion also. This is an excellent casual wear and makes you look extremely stylish and also comfortable. Today, cotton shorts are very much in fashion. Cotton shorts are like really loose and relaxing.


T-shirts with stripes is very much in fashion. Nowadays, people are in love with stripes and it can never become old. Stripes with white and a different colour look nice. As also along with stripes people now like wearing t-shirts which are thin in material. This will make you less sweaty and at the same time you look fashionable.

  Fashionable shirts

Nowadays, people like wearing shirts along with jeans and cotton shorts. Shirts with different patterns like checks, stripes with soft colours are in trend. People like tucking in the shirts and wearing jeans and lastly put a belt with perfect shoes and look absolutely stunning.  

Shoes and Slippers
Shoes with pointed edges are in trend today. It goes with formals as well as with casuals; that is when you are wearing jeans. In case, you are wearing cotton shorts then sport shoes are appropriate. Guys now are also wearing slippers when they are wearing jeans or even cotton pants. There are a lot of patterns also available in the slippers; but however, two coloured slippers look really nice.
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It’s most essential for a person to keep up with latest Fashion Times! To become a trendsetter and style icon is extremely important is to change yourself with fashion. Not only the clothes but also it is necessary to change accessories, shoes and hairstyles. Changing of all this together will make you a handsome persona. Changing yourself with the latest fashion trends will make you a style icon or an ideal person to know about fashion.