Friday, July 22, 2011

Geek-Chic Glasses Are High In Spring 2011

Geek-chic is the new chic, at least for eyewear. From Diane Von Furstenberg's hippie round frames to Rebecca Taylor's bold retro shades, this season sees funky eyewear as the uber-cool accessory.

Cool enough for the red carpet even. At the recent Los Angeles premiere of "Rio", actress Anne Hathaway gave a nod to the geek-chic trend with a pair of nerdy specs. And we have to admit, those oversized tortoise-shelldesigner glasses really framed her gorgeous eyes in an adorable way.

To ace the trend a la Hathaway, wear geek-chic glasses with tousled hair -- super-neat buns or ponytails can look toosecretarial. Also do be generous with your mascara, so your eyes won't disappear behind the glasses.

Ready to channel your inner geek? Here's how to pick your perfect pair:

Choose the right frames

  • For a timeless style, opt for classic tortoise-shell or retro plastic white frames.
  • Square faces: Go for oval and round frames.
  • Oval faces: Most frame shapes work for you.
  • Long faces: Tall frames visually help shorten your face -- avoid small frames that make your features out of proportion.
  • Round faces: Angular and geometric styles like rectangular and cat eye frames make your face appear longer.
  • Diamond faces: Opt for cat eye, oval frames and rimless styles.
  • Heart faces: Go for bottom-heavy frames that add width to lower face, or narrow round frames that soften the forehead.