Saturday, July 2, 2011

Different types of Jeans for Women

Jeans does takes a great place in women fashion clothing. Like other dresses jeans are also available in different styles and sizes in stores. Your body’s shape will have a big effect on which one is the better choice for you. In order to get the best suitable jeans you have to have an idea of different kind of jeans that you can choose from.
Below is a list of some different types of jeans which will help you to select the right type.

Skinny Jeans
Skinny jeans are very tight and they are best suited on thin women who have long and slender legs. Skinny jeans would give you a sexy and glamorous look and reveal your beautiful womanly curves. They are very popular in today’s fashion.
Capri jeans are cut short right below the knee. They however look good on all kind of body shapes but it is essential that you know how to dress properly. Capri jeans with a cool top or tee would provide you a stylish and casual look.
Boot-Cut Jeans
Boot-cut jeans are wider below the knee, but it is just wide enough to slip over a boot. Although it is suitable for all body types yet if you have pear shaped body with slightly heavy bottoms then it is going to be the best option for you. It helps you to create a balanced look. You can pair it with any type of tops or shoes. To get a better look you should try it with fitted shirt or body hugging top.
Flare jeans is tight fit at waist and legs but wider at the bottom. It flatters mostly all body type but if you have broad shoulders and narrow hip then it makes your body look much more proportion.
Straight-Leg Jeans
As the name implies it is cut straight down the leg. It is one of the basic jeans which always remains in fashion. It is also one of the most preferable choice of jeans by women. You can wear it with any body type but if you have a rectangular body shape then it is good that you should avoid straight leg jeans.
A good fitting pair of jeans can enhance your look and further give shapes to your body. Therefore you should choose them carefully.