Friday, July 29, 2011

Blood Pressure

There are many blood pressure disorders, but the main one is hypertension,
Blood Pressure
Blood Pressure
or more commonly known as high blood pressure. High blood pressure is when there is an abnormally high blood pressure within the arteries of a person.
Anti hypertensive drugs are given to a person as well as advice to lose weight, stop smoking, and decreasing the fat and salt within their diets, which all play a very high part in developing high blood pressure.
The word itself, hypertension, means tension or stress. It has been called a silent killer as when the pressure increases within the arteries, there can be certain problems like strokes, aneurysm, heart failures, heart attack, and damage to the kidney. There are many different causes as to hypertension.

One of the most common types of hypertension is primary hypertension which occurs between a total of 90% of people affected with high blood pressure. The amount of blood that is pumped is increased and the resistance to the blood flow may be increased since the vessels are constricted themselves.
Along with the rapid increase in flow of the blood, the volume of the blood level is also increased. There are no definite understood reasons as to why or how, but there is a tendency that it occurs with people who have inherited an abnormal constriction of arterioles.
The rest of the 10% are usually affected by secondary hypertension in which the high blood pressure is a resultant of a kidney disorder. Kidney disorders can cause high blood pressure since they are very important in controlling blood pressure. Damages to the kidneys may leave the kidneys unable to remove salt and water from within the body, thus causing a rapid increase in blood volume and blood pressure.
Blood Pressure Disorders Few patients may have another hormonal disorder which may cause high blood pressure. This hormonal disorder can occur from certain drugs like contraceptives or birth control pills. There are many factors which affect high blood pressure. Most often they are a stressful life, which includes smoking or excessive amounts of alcohol.
Obesity is also a major factor. Stress causes blood pressure to increase, but it decreases when the person returns to a normal state of mind.